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  • Arrive early: Please plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before your test is scheduled and allow extra driving time in case of unexpected traffic.

  • Students arriving late will have to wait until the next section starts and will not be able to make up the section missed.


What can my student take into the testing room?

  • One book (no ebooks) to read in between testing sections. 

  • Non-glass water bottle.

  • Two No. 2 pencils with erasers.


What is NOT allowed in the testing room?

  • Snacks, backpacks and other belongings.

  • Calculators or electronics such as cell phones, Kindles, or smartwatches.

  • Students will be instructed to leave all items just outside the entrance to the testing room where they will easily access them during their breaks.

  • It is suggested to leave cell phones, or any valuables, at home.

  • Please DO NOT bring glass containers. 


What does my student do with his/her phone?

  • It is suggested to leave cell phones and valuables, at home.

  • All phones must be turned OFF.

  • Phones may be checked in with the proctor  BEFORE entering the testing room.

  • Phones may be left in their car.

  • Students will not be allowed to use their phones during breaks.


What personal information does my student need to know?

  • Birthday, including year.

  • Correct spelling of their first and last names.

  • It is imperative students bubble their personal information correctly. If this is your child's first time testing, you can purchase a practice test, which not only gives the students an idea of what type of questions to expect, it also includes bubbling practice.  You can also find bubbling practice sheets online.


What to expect prior to entering the testing room.

  • Students are encouraged to relax, use the restrooms, and enjoy the fresh air on the lawn, just outside of the testing building.

  • Students will be allowed into the testing room a few minutes before testing time.

  • The proctor will notify the students when it's time to enter the testing room.


We encourage students to:

  • Get a good night's rest the night before the test.

  • Eat a healthy meal.

  • Pack a healthy snack.

  • Bring a water bottle.

  • Bring a book to read during downtime. 

  • Please note: no electronics - including e-books will be allowed in the testing room.


We encourage parents to:

  • Let your child know the reason he or she is being tested. 

  • It is important to let your student know that there is no reason to feel anxious about testing.

  • The Test is NOT a pass/fail test.

  • Explain that they might encounter some test questions that may be too difficult for them.

  • Explain that they are not expected to know the answers to ALL the questions; in fact, it is OK to skip some questions and it is perfectly acceptable to make thoughtful guesses. 

  • Even if they may encounter challenging questions, students should be encouraged to persevere and not to give up too quickly.


What if your child is tested on information he doesn't know? 

  • Parents should be aware that the test content is sensitive to instruction and that low scores obtained on occasion are not necessarily a sign that low achievement and low scores should not be expected in the years to come. 


What subjects are covered in the Iowa Test? 

  • Reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, math, science, and social studies.


How does my student prep for the Test? 

  • You may purchase practice tests that include sample questions for each section of the test.

  • Practice tests allow students to become familiar with testing procedures such as bubbling and NOT writing in the actual testing booklet. 


What can parents do during testing? 

  • Parents may not stay on-site.


When will the test sessions end?

  • There are many variables that make end time different for each group we test..

  • We strictly follow the guidelines for the timing of testing sections, however, each testing group has its own needs that require discretion with the transition time in between testing sections and breaks.

  • We are very sensitive to the dynamics and the needs of the different student groups that we test, which, is why ending time varies from group to group. 

  • Please allow for these variances.  


When will I receive test results? 

  • Results will be emailed to you within six weeks after the testing date. 


Who sees the results? 

  • Results are kept strictly confidential.

  • Testing scores are sent directly to Olive Branch Learning LLC

  • Olive Branch Learning staff emails all testing results directly to the parents and no other entity. 


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